Small Business Logo Design Company, Price & Process

When looking to create a Small business logo design, it’s important that you understand that branding for a small business is just as important as a big brand. The goal is to capture your potential customer’s interests by speaking to them with a brand that relates to the products or services that your company provides. When people associate your brand with what they need, your brand becomes memorable.

Cost of a Small Business Logo Design

Small business logo design costs can vary. Most graphic designers charge by the hour. We have done research and found that the hourly range is between $40 -120 per hour depending on the graphic designer’s experience, location, and success. We also know that the time that it takes for a small business logo to be designed can vary on how well the graphic designer understands your industry and the type of business that you are starting. We estimate that the average designer that is good will spend 10 hours or more to come up with a completed small business logo design. So that gives you a price range of $40 – 1,200. We know that on a small business budget, a $1,200 bill for a logo would be a shocker and most likely not be affordable. I know that if I was starting a small business and I received a bill for $1,200 I would cry.  The more revisions you have, the more time it takes, the more money you have to pay. Works out great for the designer. Also, I might add that many designers that have clients that send multiple design changes start to get frustrated and the quality of the work goes down. You still pay the same high price.

Online Design Club Small Business Logo Design Price and Process

At the Online Design Club, we have come up with the perfect process and price for small business logo design. Our commitment to all of our customers is to provide the “big brand” quality on a small business budget. We have a team of 50 graphic designers that are ready to help your small business grow into something that is known around town. We charge one low price of $329 for our Professional Logo Design Service including unlimited revisions and design comps. What does that mean? Once you complete our small business logo design questionnaire, we have 5 different designers get started and each design a fresh concept of your logo. We keep designing until you are 100% happy with your small business logo design. We also offer a money back guarantee, if you’re not happy with the designs that our team comes up with, we will provide a 100% refund.  We know that when creating a small business every dollar counts, and that’s exactly why we structured our pricing and services this way. To provide the best quality at one low price that everyone can afford.

Small Business Logo Design Is Important

Creating a small business is something that can be very rewarding. When creating that company, it is very important to establish a presence in your local community that people know and trust. This can easily be done by having a small business logo designed for your company. When future customers do business with your company they will remember your brand if your logo design is done right. Next time they need something that your company provides, your brand will be remembered. Our goal is to provide your company with a memorable brand that is relevant to your services and target market, 2 key factors that will allow for a great brand. We also offer all graphic design services for all types of marketing materials to ensure your brand consistency is throughout all documents that are provided by your company.

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